The Best Online Roulette Game

By | February 10, 2022

The Best Online Roulette Game

Let’s take the easy way out and go with the arguably the best online slot game that is offered by any of the gaming sites that operate on the Internet. That would be, Euro Roulette.

Why is it a good game to play? In the words of Lewis Black, the character played by Harrison Ford in the film ‘The Devil’s Poker’ – because you can bet on one thing happening on any given spin of the wheel. And more often than not you can guess right.

Some people may maintain that the game is luckier than most of the other offerings at online casinos – that it simply requires more skill and is therefore not really what you are after. Though it is true that in many games you have to do without a skill to win, roulette is still a game where you can benefit from a little extra, or a lot more, of luck than you get in other games.

Is roulette a game of pure luck? Well, no – it has a lot to do with the ‘house edge’ – the built-in advantage the house has over you, the player. By finding out the house edge, you can find out which numbers you should bet on, and which you should avoid. (A few of my personal strategies: If you are playing a single 0 – 00 game, I recommend a minimum bet of 1-2 units, regardless of whether the wheel is European or American. If you are playing a single 0 – 00 game, I recommend a minimum bet of 2-5 units. If you are playing a single 0 – 00 game, I recommend a minimum bet of 10-20 units. ) The house edge varies from game to game – in single 0 games, it is about 5.3%; in single 0 games, it is about 2.7%; in double zero games, it is about 11%. So, it’s somewhere in the middle. Avoid the temptation to bet on numbers that have high odds – they are sure to come up, but you have a better chance of winning on the ones with lower odds.

If you are playing roulette, stick with the European wheel – you’ll probably find more success with the European wheel than the American one. Their wheels are biased toward the ‘0’ slot, which gives the house a 5.3% advantage over you, when the house edge is factored. The American wheel, however, has two zeros which further decreases the odds and gives the house a higher edge.

The problem with slots is that you never know when the machine will hit. Hold those bets until you have the eight or better – and if ever, be sure to get away before you loose that money!

If you play roulette, a good strategy is to pick the ‘dealer has got the best cards’ and ‘the traveler has the best hand’ as your bets – or bet on the second part of the sequence – the ‘ traveler is luckier than the dealer’. In any other game, the worst you can hope for is a ‘0’, and the best you can hope for is a ‘1’ – and this usually has a high payout.

Visit today, and start having fun with the best online roulette game today – and every day in the future!


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